My hometown hosted a documentary premiere

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My hometown hosted a documentary premiere

Postby acereraser » Tue Sep 11, 2007 10:06 pm

I have swollen a little with hometown pride, and feel compelled to share. Ken Burns' latest work about WWII, entitled The War, was partially filmed in my hometown, Luverne, MN, pop. ~4500. Here is the Wiki entry regarding it:

I spoke to my mom over the weekend, and she informed me of the premiere event. She told me she didn't go (tickets were $100!), but she went later, when tickets were at the less-but-still-inflated price of $10. She reassured me that the extra cost of the tickets was going towards the continued renovation of Luverne's historic Palace Theater, which is much like the Orpheum here in Madison, in that nothing like it will be built again. In the past, I have both performed on the Palace's stage in community theater and watched Ma & Pa Kettle movies on the screen during Fireman's Benefit shows. The Palace has served my town well for decades, and I thank Mr. Burns for giving it a well-deserved influx of revenue, as it has come close to shutting down many times over the years. It is on the Register of Historic Places, which makes it even costlier to keep open, especially in the tiny market of Luverne.

Despite the pure goodness of something like this happening in my sleepy prairie town, I instantly reverted back to my smalltown instincts, and wondered who from Luverne would actually pay $100 to see a movie, much less one that would be shown on public television in a couple weeks? Knowing my hometown as I do, I am guessing a lot of seats went to Burns' friends and crew.

My mom didn't offer much of a critical review for me to share, but I hope you folks enjoy it.

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