Frugal Muse, Half Price or Preplayed?

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Frugal Muse, Half Price or Preplayed?

Postby Justcub » Mon Aug 20, 2007 10:55 am

I will start off by saying I am not sure whether this post should be here or over in books, but I will try here first...

Ive got a box full of books Id like to sell, I dont need them and could use the extra fundage, thing is I am not sure which of the places listed above that actually buy books is the better place to go for the best rates, etc.
I dont really wanna lug the box to all the stores and then go sheepishly back to the one that had the better

In addition I have found in my recent cleannning out of the storage unit I have a couple of duplicate board games..Not sure if any of the places buy those or not?
And finally do any of them buy magazines and if so is there a time frame (like within two years old) etc

Thanks for the opinions


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Postby thebookpolice » Mon Aug 20, 2007 11:00 am

Pretty sure that Pre-Played has (sadly) stopped dealing in books. At least they were going that direction the last time I stopped by.

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Postby wack wack » Mon Aug 20, 2007 2:48 pm

As far as I am aware, 'tis true that Preplayed has stopped buying books.

I will say too that the CD sections at the Half Price Books locations are quite close to the "buy" desk, close enough that I hear and am constantly shocked and embarrassed for Half Price by the paltry sums they offer sellers as I browse. So... start at Frugal Muse!

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Postby Prof. Wagstaff » Mon Aug 20, 2007 3:29 pm

wack wack wrote:I am constantly shocked and embarrassed for Half Price by the paltry sums they offer sellers as I browse. So... start at Frugal Muse!

Sorry to burst your bubble, but not only is Frugal Muse pickier (Half Price will take pretty much anything), but they generally pay even less.

The reason these places pay such "paltry" sums is that it's a business. As a record reseller, trust me when I tell you that you can't pay what people would like to get for their rejects and still turn a profit. It's pretty basic economics - you buy low and sell high. And since not everything you buy will ultimately sell, the markup needs to account for this.

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Postby Twofer4 » Mon Aug 20, 2007 4:09 pm

yeah, your best bet to unload the stuff you mentioned is going to be HPB. I wouldn't get too hung-up on how much they offer; because they're taking the stuff you know you don't want around. So you free up space, recycle, and walk away with a bit of cash, it's not really worth analyzing the few cents difference between places.

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Postby fisticuffs » Mon Aug 20, 2007 4:13 pm

Do what I do start at one place then take the rejects to the other two.

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Postby ShaneDog » Mon Aug 20, 2007 5:54 pm

If you are a little more ambitious you could sell them on It's a lot more work but you will probably make more because you can see what other people are selling the same title at (which is usually higher than what the used stores will pay you) and price yours the same or a little lower to guarantee that it will sell soon.

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