Mall and Grocery Store zombies...

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Mall and Grocery Store zombies...

Postby dstol62 » Sun May 13, 2007 3:52 pm

I hate to sound like Andy Rooney, but what is the deal with people's tendency in malls and grocery stores (particularly with small aisles) to, for no apparent reason, stop dead in their tracks and simply stare into space. Yes, life is complicated and we're all burned out from all of the sensory overload, but if you are that tired or "zoned out", please stay home and let those of us with a list take care of business. Incidentally, those with kids in this situation are for the most part exempt from this observation, unless they and the the kids all go into a "group coma" in the middle of the shopping aisle. So the next time you are DEEP in thought while reading through the ingredient list of your favorite processed food, that "excuse me" behind you is either me or one of my sentinels.

Now go in peace....

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Postby aaronetc » Sun May 13, 2007 5:16 pm

Coincidentally, I was just complaining to my wife about this at Woodman's. No less than four times while shopping we ran into aisle-wide roadblocks of people and their carts who weren't doing anything but, apparently, waiting for Godot. The worst was this guy sitting there in his scooter-cart, and the teenage girl who pulled up next to him while her sister kept walking. The walker asked why the stopper had stopped, to which she replied, "We have to wait for Mom." In everybody's fucking way, of course.

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Postby Ned Flanders » Tue May 15, 2007 10:41 am

My urban store has very narrow aisles and it happens all the time. Frustrating.

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Re: Mall and Grocery Store zombies...

Postby mrak » Tue May 15, 2007 11:07 am

dstol62 wrote:I hate to sound like Andy Rooney...

Judging from the size of the text, you must be aiming for his demographic, too.

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