Trump hits pothole over Wall: No Money

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Re: Trump hits pothole over Wall: No Money

Postby Beaver » Tue Apr 11, 2017 11:57 am

Some of these sound fun, or practical. I like the hammock and tree chain best.

Look on These Works and Despair
The proposals for Trump’s border wall are loud, ambitious, and dumb. ... _dumb.html

Among the ideas the government received:

A castle-like wall with parapets and a running trail on top, so it could be used by joggers
A wall decorated with recycled glass on each side
A 1,200-mile chain of trees and hammocks
An aqueduct-wall
A 100-foot-deep trench, where nuclear waste could be dumped
A wall with blank space, to be sold to local communities for memorials, or murals, or family trees
A concrete wall with a high-speed monorail running along the top
A plexiglas wall that would be transparent on the American side (so Mexico would be visible), but opaque on the Mexican side (so the United States would not be).

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