MDs for VIPs

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MDs for VIPs

Postby Huckleby » Mon Apr 08, 2013 3:31 pm

I just learned about "concierge medicine." Doctors have banded together to form medical country clubs of sorts, where the patients pay a fee of about $1500 per year just to be able to see any doctors in the club. I asked my mother in Naples, Florida about these groups, and she said the membership fees in her area are around $5000, undoubtedly because there are a lot of rich retired people there. She said it has been a growing phenomena for 10 years, and she can no longer see the doctors she likes because they have moved to the gated communities of medicine.

There are thousands of these franchises, the umbrella corp for most is "MDVIP." The doctors in these groups see a limited number of patients each year, and they provide more time to patients.

Although this is a disturbing trend, I can't really blame rich people for paying to get better access to quality health care. The participating doctors .... well, they are following their self interest first, and I like to think of medical people as being more altruistic. Perhaps that is too much to ask. ... dical-care ... 07-09.html

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