Mitt Romney/Republicans And True The Vote

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Mitt Romney/Republicans And True The Vote

Postby TerryJack » Sat Nov 03, 2012 4:43 pm

Hi I wasn't certain where to post this. The screenshots didn't come through but they can be seen at the following link. We felt it was important for the citizens of Wisconsin to see this for themselves. It has also been put on Twitter and Facebook. What it means is that Mr. Romney again has lied, there is a connection to True The Vote which he has denied.

Exposing Radicalism Within The Republican Party...True The Vote...Kenosha Tea Party.....Republican Party of Milwaukee County And the Suburban Republican Woman's Club

All of our previous exposes regarding True The Vote have involved their connections to Republicans through the Tea Party Movement, EmpowerU and related groups. But in this posting we have uncovered a link between the traditional Republican Party and the radical extremist group True The Vote. That link occurred recently and will be discussed further in the posting. We at SU feel that all Wisconsinites have a right to know about this link. It means that the Romney/Ryan ticket has once again been untruthful. As they were in Ohio with the Jeep ads which were debunked even by Chrysler so they have attempted to mislead the public. Please read the following and decide for yourselves.

True The Vote first entered Wisconsin during the recall effort against Scott Walker by our research. Scott Walker called in True The Vote to help him dispute the validity of the recall petition signatures. They have continued to have a presence in Wisconsin since that time. True The Vote enters a state and looks for local groups to partner with. In Wisconsin two of those groups are The Grandsons of Liberty and We The People Of The Republic. You can see that from the following screenshots.

Enter into this equation Mr. Daniel Hunt who is a Coordinator of the Kenosha Tea Party and was a large part of the effort to recall Senator Robert Wirch in 2011. Mr. Hunt holds a Wisconsin address and apartment but in fact his wife Barbara J Hunt owns a home in Winthrop Harbor Illinois. What is truly important to know about Mr. Hunt is that he is also a member of True The Vote.

On October 18, 2012 Mr. Hunt gave a speech as a member of True The Vote at a reception sponsored by the Suburban Republican Women's Club of Milwaukee, and advertised on the site of the Republican Party of Milwaukee County. Why is this important? Because the Republican Party has always denied a direct link to True The Vote. The Romney campaign denies a direct link to True The Vote. Recently however the Romney campaign hired Kristina Sesek a recently graduated young attorney to represent them in Wisconsin. Where does Ms Sesek's law practice hail from? Milwaukee Wisconsin. Ms. Sesek is also legal counsel for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. She also was once an intern for of all people....Senator Paul Ryan. Though recently as Mr. Romney has done with so many things they have attempted to distance themselves from the fact that they hired Kristina Sesek. Soon you will see screenshots verifying this information.

There has been an ongoing dispute between the Romney campaign and the Wisconsin Government Accountability Bureau or GAB. It is over a POLL WATCHERS training manual which a liberal blog managed to get hold of and post online. In it are suggestions that poll watchers engage in illegal activity and refuse to tell who they are and who they represent. This manual came out directly following the luncheon with Dan Hunt. (He being the representative of True The Vote) at a group which is very much part of the Republican mainstream and advertised by the Official Republican Party of Milwaukee County. Also the training manual has been removed from Mitt Romney's official website and the training resources have been removed from the True The Vote website. We find this occurrence to be very interesting. So who now can believe that there is no connection between The Republican Party, Mitt Romney and True The Vote? ... l-watchers ... ur-oct-18/

I believe the above screenshots indeed show an official Republican connection at least in Wisconsin to True The Vote. True The Vote is a group whose goal is voter intimidation and suppression. So like with Nathan Sproul (who company is still operating around the nation) the Republicans are determined to win by any means possible. Does anyone really believe the Romney campaign does not know that there is a connection to True The Vote in Milwaukee County? Why lie about it is also a query that should be asked.

Romney's attorney in Wisconsin is also the Wisconsin Republican Party's attorney. (Though he now seems to be trying to say that's not true) Is Kristina Sesek a member of the Suburban Republican Women's Club? Perhaps someone needs to ask her that question. Also where she obtained the manual from. Was it given to her/or a surrogate at the luncheon by Daniel Hunt? True The Vote has focused its efforts on intimidating minority voters in particular Hispanics and African Americans. This heinous agenda must not be allowed and is utterly un-American.

There are many questions which require answers in this situation. It is up to the Democratic Party and the citizens of Wisconsin to ask them. Also know that True The Vote requires all those being trained to sign a confidentiality agreement. Now why might that be? A legitimate group is transparent and has no need for 'confidentiality agreements'. Only those seeking to hide their true motivations require such secrecy.

The people of Wisconsin deserve to have an election which is not fraught with voter suppression and intimidation. Where they can cast their votes without fear of challenge.

When you go to the polls fight for your right to vote. Do not allow it to be taken from you. It is your most precious right in our Republic and must be protected at all costs. Please remember the following...

1.Make certain you are registered to vote
2. Go to the polls with an ID. Look up what is required in your state.
3. Remember that there may be members of 'True The Vote' , Voter Integrity Projects, Empower U and associated groups at the polls. Do not back down from them.
4. Demand identification as to who they are and what group they represent.
5. If you are being harassed, intimidated or threatened

immediately call your local FBI office or PD. File a criminal complaint against the group/individual. Contact the ACLU.

6. Bring a cell phone camera to the polls and take a picture of the harasser/challenger. (Outside of the polling place not inside of it.)

7. Oppose any challenge to your right to vote. Demand a provisional ballot if necessary. That is your right.

8. Above all else do not leave the polling place and surrender your most precious right-the right to vote. Defend it fearlessly.

All of the information which will be posted below was obtained through sources already available in the public domain. It was collected and gathered together into concise personal information profiles.It is in no way illegal to disseminate. This was done so that anyone who is harassed or intimidated at the polls can identify their suppressor and take legal action. By that I mean civil litigation. Not just against the organizations involved but against the individuals as well. Relatives are posted in some cases to make identifying the appropriate person simpler for attorneys and those seeking civil relief.

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