Carville's Dean-bashing debunked

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Do you think Jim Carville is a horse's ass?

Yes, he is tearing down people who help Dems win elections.
No, he tears down others Dems and I'm a Repub and like that.
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Carville's Dean-bashing debunked

Postby AlphaLiberal » Fri Nov 17, 2006 5:05 pm

As discussed in another thread ultimately hijacked to esoteric vocabluary and Thor vs Conan chat, Jim Carville has the knives out for Howard Dean.

Well, a Hotline blog took a look at Mr Matalin's claims and they turn out to stink like mule dung on a fencepost after a rainstorm. Or something.

Copyright laws obeyed, lest I get tasered.

November 17, 2006
The Carville Claims: A Closer Look

James Carville has been generating a wave of publicity in criticizing DNC Chair Howard Dean for not sufficiently funding competitive House races. Heâ??s claimed the Democrats could have won another dozen seats if the DNC allocated more money in the campaignâ??s final weeks. The DNC has pushed back on Carvilleâ??s charges. Whoâ??s right?

14 Democratic candidates lost by 2 points or less, but many of the campaigns were funded to the hilt by the DCCC. Lois Murphy certainly canâ??t blame her loss in PA 06 on inadequate funding; the DCCC spent over $3 million on her behalf. Patricia Madrid (NM 01) also had plenty of money â?? her razor-thin loss came because of an embarrassing gaffe at a debate. Mary Jo Kilroy (OH 15), Darcy Burner (WA 08), Phil Kellam (VA 02), Christine Jennings and Tammy Duckworth (IL 06) were all among the top-funded candidates by the DCCC. (In Jenningsâ?? case, the money was funneled through the Florida Democratic party.)

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Postby white_rabbit » Fri Nov 17, 2006 6:57 pm

Someone needs to show James Carville the door. He's been sleeping with the enemy too long.

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Postby bmasel » Fri Nov 17, 2006 7:55 pm

I'd throw Carville an anvil, but he's already married one.

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Postby jjoyce » Sun Nov 19, 2006 8:37 am

Is Carville even a credible Democrat anymore? I mean, he's more of a professional yodeller than a political mind these days. And it seems to me he's still trying to use traction from Clinton's 1992 victory, which featured a weakened opponent (George Bush) vs. a dynamo. I could have won that campaign, but Carville started taking massive amounts of credit and never stopped.

Not only that, but he seems to count only Congressional seats as being necessary. As pro-choice activists will tell you, the governors' mansions are at least as important in protecting reproductive rights in this country. Same goes for anyone in favor of sane gun laws.

On many issues, it's the governors who make the difference and the chair of the DNC needs to fund them too.

I'll admit that I'd credit a tidal shift of priorities and the abuse of power by the Republicans over the last several years way before I'd say Howard Dean engineered victory, but he doesn't deserve the wrath of potshotters like Carville who has done exactly zero for anyone lately.

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Postby AlphaLiberal » Tue Nov 21, 2006 8:57 am

Carville has been active in the Dem Partyas a consultant, running a polling outfit and consulting for candidates here and abroad.

When you look at strides made by the Dem Party in places like the North Dakota statehouse, it's hard not to credit Dean's accomplishment of putting three organizers in states like that.

But the overal victory was won by many, and lost by many. Yeah, the GOP screwed the pooch, but many (not all) Dems have learned the mistakes of their compliant ways.

Meanwhile, Hillary rebuffs Carville.
"It was not coming from [Sen. Hillary Clinton] and they made a real effort to distance themselves from James' comments," said a source close to the Clintons.

The Clintonistas don't want an undeserved backlash from the activist wing of the party that overwhelmingly supports Dean, especially because some anti-Clinton Democrats have blamed Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) for the attack by Carville, a longtime Clinton insider. Those forces claimed Carville's motive was to topple Dean in favor of a chairman more favorable to Sen. Clinton's bid for President [...]

I also thought it was great that all 50 State Dem Party Chairs lined up behind Dean and criticized the DC insiders. Great stuff!

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