What is the case for the 'genetic sexuality' argument?

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Re: What is the case for the 'genetic sexuality' argument?

Postby HawkHead » Mon Jun 24, 2013 2:24 pm

Stop quoting the guy. There is a reason I have him on my "Don't Show" list. It is exactly for statements like the one above that have no basis in reality.

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Re: What is the case for the 'genetic sexuality' argument?

Postby AndyMatts » Fri Jul 05, 2013 12:26 am

johnfajardohenry wrote:
Oh, so now it is a "choice"? :(

So, I see you chose to go full-moron on that.

It's not just whether one is monogamous or note that leads to STDs. Stepping out with a crack whore is probably more likely to get you an STD than a quick fling with a friend from work, for instance.

I wasn't talking about being homosexual as a choice, but the manner in which one has a sexual encounter is a choice. Open acceptance of gays leads to more "normal" dating and sexual encounters. People with attitudes like you have leads people to get into sham heterosexual marriages while seeking out anonymous sexual encounters with same-sex strangers in a park, for instance.

In any event, you seem to be conceding my point but trying to excuse it. Yes, they make unwise unhealthy lifestyle choices. Non-monogamous, random sex with strangers choices in many cases. As indicated by the way high STD/syphilis rate.

You seem to be making the case that there's something inherent in homosexuality that would lead someone to have non-monogamous, random sex. I'm stating that people actually minding their own business and not demonizing homosexuality would lead to more homosexuals making safer choices.

Perhaps you can give some examples for this stigma you attribute to me?

John Henry

Your "homosexuality makes you a diseased whore" meme seems to a pretty clear example.

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