Ice skating rinks might not open

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Ice skating rinks might not open

Postby Beaver » Thu Oct 11, 2012 8:33 pm

There might not be enough money to open 9 of the city ice skating rinks this Winter. Oh well, it probably won't be cold enough to skate here anymore anyway. ... index.html
Nine Madison ice rinks could close this year
Costs too high to maintain rinks

"The city of Madison's budget makes cuts that some neighborhood leaders said would cut a frequently-used resource. Nine city ice rinks would close under Mayor Paul Soglin's proposed operating budget just two years after volunteers in some neighborhoods stepped up to cut the costs...City staff said water costs are part of the reason for the closures. Four of the city's rinks costs thousands a year, including more than $16,000 at Garner Park's floating rink. But the remaining five rinks cost less than $1,000 apiece for water, including Westmorland. The total water cost for all nine parks slated to close is around $32,000."

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Re: Ice skating rinks might not open

Postby ArturoBandini » Fri Oct 12, 2012 12:26 am

Soglin is such a tea-bagging barbarian!

Also, water can't be the only significant cost for these rinks. What about electricity for the lighting? The Westmorland rink was lit for hours each night by huge lights on temporary poles. What about liability?

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