Pro Bowl Snubs

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Pro Bowl Snubs

Postby fisticuffs » Wed Dec 29, 2010 9:54 am

Not that anyone cares about the Pro Bowl...
Rodgers is an obvious one but Ryan, Vick, and Brees are tough to argue against. Maybe Rodgers over Brees and certainly Rodgers over Vick but Vick's getting all the media attention this year. Wonder if he ever thanked the Claymaker for knocking out Kolb in week 1? Sitton should have made the team and Clifton should not. On D I think Raji should have made it. He's played more downs than any NT should and has been a force on the best D in the league. Also Tramon Williams has outplayed Woodson who made the team.

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Re: Pro Bowl Snubs

Postby O.J. » Wed Dec 29, 2010 10:12 am

All too often, these picks are based on past performance, popularity, or the success of one's team, rather than a player's performance for the current season. I think Vick(who I hate) and Rodgers should have been obvious choices; as the 15th-rated passer in the NFL, I'm not sure I'd give the nod to Matt Ryan. Tramon got snubbed, but he'll get his due soon enough. I think Sitton was hurt by his lack of name recognition, and the Packers weak rushing totals.

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Re: Pro Bowl Snubs

Postby drinkinblackcoffee » Wed Dec 29, 2010 9:18 pm

It seems to take a few years to get on the Pro Bowl radar if you're an O-lineman not picked in the first round, Sitton seems to be starting to get some recognition for his power and the job he did on Wilford in that game against the Patriots. Its been probably close to a decade since the Packers have had a decent OG (Marco Riveria and Mike Wahle), let's hope they lock him up in the off season.

Clifton has been solid, but I didn't see anything Pro-Bowl worthy this season.

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