Fashionable Enlan Badminton Footwork Trainer in China

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Fashionable Enlan Badminton Footwork Trainer in China

Postby enlancn » Tue Jan 12, 2010 5:28 am

There are many badminton amateurs in China, with high badminton skills. Recently, one kind of badminton training equipment is sweeping badminton field, which is Badminton Footwork Auxiliary Trainer.

Badminton Footwork Auxiliary Trainer combines the modern technology with traditional training ways, using randomly blinking LED lights to instruct training positions, which can comprehensively help the users to improve their footwork reacting capacity to start, footwork running capacity, footwork consisting capacity and footwork strain capacity. Badminton Footwork Auxiliary Trainer, in the ways of long-distance training, medium-distance training, short-distance training and linear consistent footwork training and so on, achieves the all round training of all badminton footwork. By training at different and suitable training rhythms, all badminton amateurs with different levels and professional athletes can be satisfied. From the beginners to badminton top players with a high level, from students from institute of Physical Education to athletes of all levels from professional teams, by using Badminton Footwork Auxiliary Trainer, they can all rapidly improve their footwork capacity and comprehensive competitive capacity. Easy to use, having evident effect and high pertinence, under the mutual recommendations of coaches and players everywhere, Badminton Footwork Auxiliary Trainer rapidly sweeps the badminton field in China.

Enlan Sports Co., Ltd, which researches, develops and sales in Badminton Footwork Trainer, is famous in China for producing professional badminton sports goods, including Enlan badminton shuttlecocks of different levels (the durable shuttlecocks for beginners, stable shuttlecocks for medium-level players, and high-grade shuttlecocks for export and competition), badminton rackets of high performance, badminton shoes which can remain good after being bent for over 250,000 times, badminton shuttlecock durable humidifier and racket grips and other badminton sports goods.

For the convenience of international badminton amateurs to buy and use Footwork Trainer, Enlan Sports Company has established on-line shop on EBAY for badminton amateurs from all over the world.

Jinan Enlan Sports Co., Ltd:
EBAY Shop: ... %3DSelling

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Re: Fashionable Enlan Badminton Footwork Trainer in China

Postby nevermore » Tue Jan 12, 2010 7:10 am

Huh, said shuttlecock.

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Re: Fashionable Enlan Badminton Footwork Trainer in China

Postby jjoyce » Tue Jan 12, 2010 9:41 am

This is clearly spam, and I should delete it. But the idea that it's completely sincere, that there's such a thing as "fashionable" badminton footwork, is charming.

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