Off season Brewers

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Off season Brewers

Postby Right Bower » Fri Nov 06, 2009 11:03 am

It begins. Adios Hardy and Cameron:

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Re: Off season Brewers

Postby fisticuffs » Fri Nov 06, 2009 11:23 am

I like it. It won't matter much though if we don't bring in some quality pitching. Brings some much needed speed on the base paths though. Plus it means Escobar is the everyday SS now. Which had to happen sooner or later. I've read some rumor mill stuff about the Crew trading for Zach Grienke. Anyone know anything about that? Or will he be on the Yankees next year?

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Re: Off season Brewers

Postby minicat » Fri Nov 06, 2009 11:40 am

They put themselves in a bad position by making it clear Hardy was going to be gone. However, I don't get trading admittedly spare parts for something other than pitching. Freeing up Cameron cash is great, but there is nearly nothing worth the money it's going to go for on the free agent market. Remember the last few times we splurged on a mid-level pitcher for big bucks? Jeff Suppan? David Riske? Eric Gagne? That's John Lackey this year. Yeah, let's blow some more money on that.

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