Snowboarding in the U.P.

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Snowboarding in the U.P.

Postby drinkinblackcoffee » Sun Feb 01, 2009 11:52 pm

I'd like to take my wife and dog up to the U.P. for a weekend of snowboarding. Anyone have suggestions on where I can go which is pet-friendly? Also, anyone know any tricks to getting cheap tickets to Indian Head or Powder Horn?

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Re: Snowboarding in the U.P.

Postby theloniouszen » Mon Jul 06, 2009 5:34 pm

This reply is several months late, but for hills in the UP you have 3 general areas - Marquette Mountain just outside of Marquette, the hills way out on the west end by Bessemer/Ironwood (Powderhorn, Indianhead, I think they are joint owned) and those further up the Keweenaw (Porcupine Mountain, Mount Bohemia, and Mont Ripley.) If you want the steepest drops, Bohemia is the place to go. I don't snowboard, I ski, so I don't really pay attention to who has the most half-pipes, etc. If you want any semblance of nightlife (whatever you can get in the UP, remember that the IGA closes at 9), Marquette is the place. Often for Marquette Mountain there are 2-for-1 lift ticket coupons in the phone book or the newspaper.

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