CC A Yankee? Say it ain't so....

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Re: CC A Yankee? Say it ain't so....

Postby O.J. » Fri Jan 02, 2009 2:17 pm

fisticuffs wrote:The Yankees make me sick and make me hate baseball. No other professional sport allows for this kind of garbage. I don't care how much luxury tax they pay or how many people go to see them on road games. Simply buying players and championships is about the least sporting thing I can think of.

This statistic is somewhat surprising. In the last 30 years, 20 different MLB teams have won the World Series(may have been 21 if the '94 strike didn't end the Expos shot). In the same time, only 14 NFL, 13 NHL and 9 NBA teams have won their respective titles.

Only one MLB team has ever won the World Series with a payroll of $100 million+.

I'm not disparaging your viewpoints, fisticuffs. I actually fully support a salary cap in baseball. It's just kinda funny that the absence of one hasn't prevented all but a few teams from winning the title.

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Re: CC A Yankee? Say it ain't so....

Postby thebookpolice » Fri Jan 02, 2009 2:39 pm

The problem isn't championships (although it kind of is). The problem is that this Hungry Hungry Hippos routine kills the anticipation for us small-market team fans. We have almost nothing to be objectively excited about. "WOO! Most teams that win the World Series don't have a big payroll!" is not much of a rallying cry or a ticket seller.

CC Sabathia is a ticket seller. He's something to get excited about as the season nears. When the Yankees, Red Sox, and Cubs gobble up every major free agent, it makes it hard to feel that sense of anticipation for the coming season. And it sucks to have that part of our fandom bought out from under us by a team that does jack shit with it.

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Re: CC A Yankee? Say it ain't so....

Postby boston_jeff » Fri Jan 02, 2009 3:56 pm

CC was developed by the Indians, not the Brewers. If anyone should be complaining, it should be Cleveland fans. Small market teams get luxury tax money and comp picks, if they choose to re-invest in their teams, they can and do. Some owners just don't want to spend the money. As a longtime Boston Bruins fan, I know all about the worst offenders, big market owners that won't spend to improve their teams. IMO, small market owners who won't spend are just as bad, as they take the lux tax money and pocket it, and often don't sign draft picks.

I disagree with the Yankees style (as it has not resulted in success), but if they are willing to spend the money, let them shoot themselves in the foot. The successful franchises blend FA acquisitions, trades and development. Scouting and player development are at an alltime high in baseball, and more teams have a shot at the title today than ever before. A 162 game sked plus the wild card means that lots of teams are in pennant races and small markets get into the playoffs every year. If you can't get excited about that, I'm not sure what else can be done.

If I were a Brewers fan, I would be disappointed in my owners. They know what they need to do, and even with a salary cap, they wouldn't be doing it. Melvin is a great executive, but he doesn't hold the pursestrings. Sports ownership in this day and age is about money (it really always has been), and spending is part of success. Like I said in an earlier post, Footie fans don't whine when Real Madrid signs Beckham for a gazillion euros, its just the nature of sport.

Btw, that Expos team was amazing. I saw the Giants play the Expos in Montreal a few years ago and they honored Felipe Alou with a ceremony on the field, it was pretty cool. I think Bonds got plunked that night too...

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Re: CC A Yankee? Say it ain't so....

Postby NYK007 » Wed Jan 21, 2009 5:20 am

Hi guys,

Myself NYK from Canada, it sucks but they made it seem like the really wanted him. The rest of the interested teams seem to have just left him be to make a decision. Thanks for the article.


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Re: CC A Yankee? Say it ain't so....

Postby acereraser » Thu Jan 22, 2009 12:22 pm

Strange, smells like spam, but the relevant comment is puzzling.

I am not clicking on givemepink from this computer, however.

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