This UW night game business

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This UW night game business

Postby jjoyce » Thu Oct 23, 2008 10:12 am

So, stadium area bars need to have their beer gardens cleared by 10:00 pm, regardless of whether a nighttime kickoff pushes the final horn to well after that time or not.

Got it.

Here are a few things I don't get:

- The reason for this ordinance is stadium-area residents complaining about the one or two night games a year. Leaving out those who moved to the neighborhood before Camp Randall Stadium and the surrounding bars were built, are their gripes legit?

- Why do beer gardens need to be so damn loud? In Germany, home of the beer garden, these gathering places are often very mellow and open into the late night. In fact, even during the World Cup (during which Germans care far more about following their team than the biggest Badger fan for the biggest game), really big beer gardens are quiet enough to actually hear the commentators on TV. One of my favorite places to be in the entire world, Prater Garten, is often packed after work or on a Saturday afternoon, but you don't have to raise your voice to be heard.

On a recent pre-game outing to Lucky's, I had to shout in the ear of my friend to have a simple conversation.


Prater during the '06 World Cup.

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