Favre story gets more interesting, but dumber

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Favre story gets more interesting, but dumber

Postby jjoyce » Wed Oct 22, 2008 12:42 pm

As it turns out, Favre went hunting with Matt Millen and talked about football, which is all he wants anyone to think, anyway.

http://deadspin.com/5067118/brett-favre ... er-and-you

But the interesting part is how the story was essentially kept quiet at ESPN. My guess is that they want Favre on the broadcast team when he retires and didn't want to anger him unnecessarily. Or something.

The diva qualities continue to emerge, however. Still wishing he was in Green Bay?

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Re: Favre story gets more interesting, but dumber

Postby thebookpolice » Wed Oct 22, 2008 1:03 pm

ESPN didn't have access to the same sources that Glazer apparently contacted. They might have reported on it second hand ("Fox Sports reports...but we are unable to confirm"), except that I'm sure they know that Jay Glazer is a fucking tool and don't want to give an unsubstantiatable (sic) story of his any press on their dime.

Fox Sports probably offered to sell the story to ESPN just to piss 'em off. Favre's not gonna work for anyone when he's done. He knows his time is done when he permanently hangs up the cleats.

Anyway, ESPN Radio's been talking about it nonstop. If a double-secret ooh-look-at-me-but-don't-really-look-at-me source at ESPN wants to go inside baseball with this, they can scan a copy of this "hot sheet." Otherwise, there's too much cock measuring in this whole affair to take any on-my-word reporting at face value, and that includes Brett's.

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Re: Favre story gets more interesting, but dumber

Postby Logjam » Thu Oct 23, 2008 7:09 am

Leroy Butler has several good lines in his last answer including a dig at the AFC and my favorite, highlighted below.


Q: How much could Favre really tell the Lions? Do teams change their signals from year to year? Would he be able to share things about Mike McCarthy's play-calling? Would he be able to give them all the audibles?

A: The West Coast offense is all the same. You put in wrinkles each week. If he wanted to go, 'Well, when you have a single safety down in an eight-man front, Aaron will throw slant routes' or "if Driver is 2 yards from the sideline it's a go route', it's possible he could do that. Coaches do that. They call up each other and say, 'What did you do to beat them?' But Detroit has all these scouts and coaches looking at film, they can pick up more stuff than Brett can give them. I guess he can give them ideas like 'Against teams who play a lot of Cover-2, these are the plays we like to run.' That can be very effective. Or 'If they think you're in man-to-man, these are the plays they like to run. When I was there and we had five wide receivers on the field these were the first three or four plays out of Mike's mouth. He'll stay true to it, so tell your defensive backs to play inside more and they'll have a chance at an interception.' So, things like that could happen. The audibles can be changed year to year. The thing Brett would never know are the signals Aaron Rodgers has with his wide receivers. They change that all the time. Only they know what it is. That's something Rodgers comes up with in the meeting room with the receivers. As for whether it's out of bounds, I don't think so. He's in the AFC. They're always doing that kind of stuff. They don't that in the NFC much. This is America, you can do what you want. I don't know any code that you can't talk to guys. You do what you want. But to tell you the truth, a lot of that stuff won't help. As a coach, are you telling me the only thing you can come up with to defend me is what Brett said? C'mon, tell me you have more than that.

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