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Postby ouroborus4 » Fri Sep 26, 2008 12:07 pm

What a fun game. Let's hear your stories.

I was playing at a place near milwaukee on the "tower field". One team occupies a 3 story tower, and the other team has to capture the flag and return it to the base. the tower team obviously has the advantage. two of my teammates were in a bunker, pinned down by shots from the tower. i had my teammates open up on the tower while I sprinted in. I managed to avoid getting hit and slid under the tower. there is a ladder that went to the first level and a manhole opening. i was caught under the tower with 4 opponents trying to shoot me thorugh the manhole. i was able to take out 3 of them in an endless flurry of paintballs from both sides, but they kept multiplying. I guess it wasn't endless afterall because i ran out of ammo and got nailed. I left the field covered in yellow paint. the worst part is, my friends never did anything to try to help me out! good times...

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