Soccer pubs in the area?

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Soccer pubs in the area?

Postby crudos » Wed Nov 07, 2007 11:38 am

Any bars in the area have Prem/FA Cup/Champions League games on? I know Hawks had the World Cup on, but never had the chance to get there to check the place out. I support Leeds United, but love a good game of footy on the tube. And don't miss out the Mighty Whites on FSC this Friday, in an FA Cup match against Hereford! C'mon Leeds, get in there!!!!!

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Postby Frank Booth » Wed Nov 07, 2007 12:26 pm

I think Hawk's shows a lot of games, but that's just from what I've heard.

I've seen plenty of soccer on the tele at the downstairs bar of the original Great Dane.

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Postby jammybastard » Wed Nov 07, 2007 3:17 pm

Hawk's is a good spot, as is the upstairs at Brocach.
I think Hawk's has Setanta's pub channel as well for big games, but I'd call and check first.
Look up the details
You can even get the folks at State Street Brats to throw a game on because on days like today the Champions League matches are the only live sports on ESPN/ESPN2.
They don't have Setanta though, so don't expect to see every game.

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