M. Vincent's coaching got them to the final but is classless

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M. Vincent's coaching got them to the final but is classless

Postby Cory Schmidt » Sun Mar 18, 2007 5:58 am

Milwaukee Vincent undoutbedly has some talent but their coaches techniques are classless at best.

A standard technique of the coach is to get ahead by a few points and then have his players eat up the clock by just standing with the ball near center court. During last night's final against Oshkosh West he had his players stand for over three minutes once they were up by a couple baskets.

I'm not a fan of booing, especially at the high school level, but the loud boos coming from the audience during these three minutes were entirley justified in my opinion.

This coaching strategy may have helped Vincent get to the State final but I think it is harmful in multiple ways...
1. It doesn't replicate the college game in which there is a shot clock.
2. It doesn't allow the players to know what it is like to play a full game. Basically last night's game was over three minutes short.
3. It stalls any momentum that the team has. This was evident last night when Oshkosh West turned both of these stalls into turnovers and then went on a huge run that helped them win the game
4. In my opinion it is completely classless and is borderline cheating. Yes, it's within the rules of the game and yes, other teams will stall near the end of each quarter so they get the last shot but stalling for over three minutes in the middle of a quarter is just poor sportsmanship. It takes away the opportunity for either team to show what they are made of.
5. It brings scorn on the athletes.

To top things off the coach looked almost disgusted as he accepted the silver ball trophy, didn't lift it up over his head as every other coach would do and handed it to his players.

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