Some guys have all the luck...

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Would the world be a better place if everyone who follows orders so blindly that anyone can just tell them to kill themselves and they would - did?

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Some guys have all the luck...

Postby Mike S. » Sun Feb 13, 2005 2:56 am

What do you guys think about the Internet Valentine's Day Suicide Pact story?

Supposedly this guy talks dozens of women into planning to kill themselves based on sexual innuendo (?). I'm inclined to write it off as pure fabrication, noting quotes like "Authorities admit they don't know for sure whether any of the members, including Krein himself, planned to commit suicide, or whether some were playing a prank.". But there is some precedent for amazing acts of persuasion.

The all time champion came before the internet: a guy by the name of Joseph Sherer who worked in an auto shop managed to convince several women to perform bizarre acts of self-mutilation over the phone - one cut off her own nipple, another pushed a knife into her vagina, and a third doused her snatch in nail polish remover and set it on fire!

What the internet has helped to make possible is a two-person system, where the perfect exploiter and the perfect mark can get together for things not otherwise conceivable. Here the grandmaster is a fellow by the name of Armin Meiwes, who became known for recruiting someone to be lunch. (Gratuitiously, here's another site, and a link to a sleazy porno-ad page "" that links to the original texts of all the solicitations. Only point to be made - this guy has inspired thousands all over the Internet ... or let me rephrase that! :) ) Actually, the various links do refer to claims that hundreds of cannibals are still out there somewhere... it's great stuff!

The first thing I can't help but think is damn - if a guy can find a mark who wants to be eaten, there ought to be a way to use this Internet thing to score an outrageously attractive sex partner... Though eventually one's thoughts swing to more practical ideas: rich people who want you to help yourself to their bank accounts, assassin wannabes who just need you to put a Republican name into their heads and away they'll go... all sorts of stuff.

But the problem is that the phenomenae are just incomprehensible. How can these sorts of stunts work? I keep thinking various explanations, but how to know?

a) Maybe some people are just permanently in a "hypnotic state" - you tell them to do something and they do it. I put up a poll question in their honor. So they can be talked into cutting their nipples off or sharing their roast penis with a cannibal buddy. Problem with this: why haven't they been spotted out sooner by close friends/associates who realize they can be run around like robots?

b) Maybe the people who pull these stunts are genuine honest-to-Satan witches. I put up the title in their honor. Endowed with bizarre supernatural powers to dominate mens' wills. Problem with this is the same as at the Salem trials: Joseph Sherer didn't put the mojo on the judge to get turned loose, even though the way he was charged seems pretty dubious to me.

c) So what then? Are there some kind of natural, preexisting ways that people are programmed to suicide and mutilate themselves, that you can take advantage of if that's what you want but can't be readjusted to provide a useful cash flow? Is there some great commercial conspiracy to hide the true vulnerability of these all-day suckers from the public eye, so only the big companies can mine their profits? I have no idea at all how this stuff can possibly work - that's the bottom line. I don't even understand how a television advertisement is supposed to get a consumer to buy a product, to such an extent that I sometimes doubt that's what they're for. This goes way beyond that.

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Postby Twinner » Sun Feb 13, 2005 6:47 am

Yeah, I saw the NYT article yesterday (page A9 near the bottom) it reinforces the statement... "The internet...Bringing misguided losers together since Al Gore invented it."

Look at us...

At least one of the potential "participants" had a moment of clarity when she read another "participant" was contemplating the killing of her children. Regarless of who is telling you to something, how weak do you have to be to harm a child?

That's something I'll never be able to understand.

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