Corruption: Halliburton gives US business to wanted criminal

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Is war profiteering appropriate?

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We can't afford armor for troops, but can finance the corrupt? Fuggedaboutit!!
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Corruption: Halliburton gives US business to wanted criminal

Postby True Blue » Mon Dec 20, 2004 11:20 am

Here is a very overlooked story that demonstrates the criminal incompetence of the Bush-Cheney Administration. Millions of US tax dollars are flowing to an international arms trafficker who used to sell weapons to the Taliban. Of course, the money goes from one corrupt firm, Dick Cheney's Halliburton to another.
Air cargo companies allegedly tied to a reputed Russian arms trafficker have received millions of dollars in federal funds from U.S. contractors in Iraq...{snip, snip}

Planes linked to Victor Bout's shadowy network continued to fly into Iraq, according to government records and interviews with officials, even though the Treasury Department froze his assets in July and placed him on a blacklist for allegedly violating international arms sanctions.

Give that man (Jerry Bremer, former CPA chief) a medal!
After conducting its own inquiry, the CPA allowed the companies to keep flying, insisting military officials who signed the contracts should deal with the problem.

Dick Cheney's Halliburton, your pipeline to corruption:
Among the firms holding U.S. government contracts that officials said were using the network's services: FedEx and KBR. The latter, formerly known as Kellogg Brown & Root, is a subsidiary of Halliburton, the Houston conglomerate formerly headed by Vice President Dick Cheney and holder of a major no-bid contract for reconstruction projects in Iraq.

Our own Russ Feingold does us proud:
In a letter to Sen. Russell Feingold, D-Wis., in June, Paul Kelly, an assistant secretary of state for legislative affairs, acknowledged that the department had "inadvertently" allowed contractors to deal with "air charter services believed to be connected with Bout." Feingold, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations committee, has taken a lead role in investigating Bout's activities.
Feingold said Monday, "What's obviously wrong is that U.S. taxpayer dollars are going to fatten the wallet of someone associated with the Taliban and with atrocities in places like Liberia and Sierra Leone."

Good one!
"We have a saying in the Marine Corps: 'If you want it bad, you get it bad,' " said former Marine Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Oster, who was among the first to raise an alarm about the Bout-linked firms last May, when he worked as the CPA's deputy administrator and chief operating officer. ... ABKAV1.DTL

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Postby Beaver » Thu Oct 13, 2005 2:07 pm

It's still a very overlooked story.

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