Philip Seymour Hoffman and parenthood

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Philip Seymour Hoffman and parenthood

Postby kurt_w » Fri Feb 07, 2014 9:38 am

The other Philip Seymour Hoffman thread has turned into a thread about drugs, so I thought this should go elsewhere.

The night Philip Seymour Hoffman changed my life

I was really struck by this essay by Anthony Breznican. As Breznican tells it, being a parent was deeply important to PSH, and he didn't hesitate to share his views on that with others. I don't evangelize that way -- it's heavy-handed meddling, which people usually don't appreciate, and there are lots of people (including forons here) who either don't like children or who are OK with children but don't want to be a parent. But there's a part of me that would like to agree with what PSH said to the author, even though I wouldn't actually push that opinion on anyone the way he did.

Hoffman clearly had his demons, and his apparent overdose shows he lost his battle with them. Sometimes they’re so powerful, they steal that clarity he talked about. But no one who knows or loves an addict would claim they don’t feel tremendous love back; often the only people addicts shun in that regard are themselves.

Hoffman’s children may someday hear the sad details of how his life ended. What they should also know is that fatherhood was a role he loved so much, he wanted everyone he met to play it too.

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