North Carolina embraces Emma Goldman

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Re: North Carolina embraces Emma Goldman

Postby HawkHead » Thu Aug 01, 2013 4:22 pm

Francis Di Domizio wrote:So what I'm getting from your responses is that you want to believe that Obama has face far more and far harsher attacks then anyone else despite the evidence that DCB, I and even Ned presented.

I'm going to go ahead and ignore that part of the conversation since I don't think we are not going to get anywhere and frankly it doesn't matter.

Democrats kind of suck at the politics of personal attack, so it makes a hell of a lot more sense for them to act like adults, get laser focused on issues and display a level of class that we rarely see from politicians on either side any more.

That is my opinion and yes I do believe that the attacks are now completely out in the open rather than behind closed, mostly closed doors or veiled threats. That you use Ned as support for your position is funny though.

I agree with your second point. The Democrats have to make the argument against Republican obstructionism and at the state level against the Republican agenda.

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