Payroll Cards

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Payroll Cards

Postby rabble » Tue Jul 02, 2013 10:46 pm

This article says many of the low wage franchises like Walgreen's and MacDonalds are using debit cards instead of paychecks or direct deposit. Is that happening around here too? I shouldn't be surprised it's happening but still, I fold my arms, raise one eyebrow and say "fascinating!"

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Re: Payroll Cards

Postby FJD » Wed Jul 03, 2013 11:26 am

I work for a fairly large national bank, and if you don't chose to open an account with the bank, that is how you get paid. As far as I remember from the orientation, a paper check wasn't an option. Then again as a bank employee, finding a fee free ATM to use is not as much of an issue.

I do think the ATM fees are more of a problem then the cards themselves (which as the article pointed out gives those without bank accounts freedom from check cashing fees). Charging a fee for a balance check is pretty ridiculous, though I would be surprised if there was not a free phone or web based method of checking the cards balance available.

While I do think the debit card option is better for employees, I agree that making it the only method is not right, and it appears that is what is going on in some of the cases. On the other hand I do think if employers are going to utilize this option, they bear some responsibility for making sure their employees have access to ATMs affiliated with the bank being used to remove the fee issue.

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