Agency for Abused kids next to E. Wash Homeless Shelter?

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Agency for Abused kids next to E. Wash Homeless Shelter?

Postby Endo Rockstar » Thu Oct 18, 2012 12:27 pm

***deleted old topic because I realized I put it in local politics --better suited here ***

A vacant building on East Washington Avenue now being eyed by Dane County for a day shelter for homeless people

Read more: ... z29fcqbuuv

This proposal is stirring up some controversy in my 'hood. There's been assurances from the county that if the shelter goes in rules will be put in place and enforced to guarantee the safety concerns of The Rainbow Project and the neighborhood in general.

I don't have the hard numbers for police calls and issues in front of me for when the warming shelter went in at the old Don Miller site last year -- but I do remember being concerned about our new neighbors and their actions, the littering, the confrontational panhandling, and of course the creative bathroom space. And that was just what I experienced personally.

On the upside, this shelter would have dedicated staff and Management which last years shelter did not. So maybe thats where the agument "for" should lie.

-Dan Motor

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Re: Agency for Abused kids next to E. Wash Homeless Shelter?

Postby snoqueen » Thu Oct 18, 2012 7:38 pm

Actually, the location is a pretty good one for the homeless shelter because it's not near much of anything else (and last year's experience suggests the shelter might be expected to bring with it increased calls for police services again this year). Just about the only near neighbor is Rainbow.

Maybe the solution is for the city to find a new and better location for Rainbow, one that's not on the busiest highway in town and one that has playground space, a yard, or other amenities to make up for the disruption of moving.

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