2012: When Reality Trumps Audacity of Hope

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2012: When Reality Trumps Audacity of Hope

Postby Bludgeon » Sat Jun 23, 2012 9:24 am

Time Magazine/Mad Magazine, take your pick wrote:''When the fantasy that the election of Barack Obama would (???) recreate America (???) ran aground, the rush to blame the president for having somehow bungled the job was immediate and fierce. He wasn’t hopeful enough, passionate enough, true enough to the superhuman capacity to (???) create a desirable, indeed, likeable “us” (???) that had been so readily projected onto him."

Whaaa??? I suppose as long as we never run out of Lithium (RX) the state of the economy will never make a difference to some folks. And people wonder why nobody cares who's on the cover of Time Magazine anymore.

In the campaign, he held up a mirror to our better selves; in office, he showed us who we really were. He gave us notice. “Gathering clouds and raging storms,” were in store for the near future, he warned...
http://ideas.time.com/2012/06/22/electi ... y-of-hope/

Is she talking about the POTUS, or John the Babptist? Its kind of poetic, in a remedial English sort of way. Nuts like her give progs a bad name. Is this the kind of thing people repeat to themselves while splurging at WillyCoop?

So, uh, raise your hand if you were hoping for the president to create a more 'desireable, likeable "us"'? Q: Can he do that via executive order, or does it have to pass through congress?

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