Mifflin Street Block Party

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Mifflin Street Block Party

Postby Slick Willy » Mon Mar 05, 2012 6:05 am

Is the Mifflin Block Party actually getting so out of control that it either needs to be fully regulated like Freakfest or just stopped altogether? Last year, Soglin wanted to end the annual bacchanal. Now Soglin wants to keep it going and is asking students for advise, even after the Madison police said that the annual Mifflin Street block party "simply cannot continue."

I remember when the Block Party was cool, and I wasn't worried for my safety at all. I don't go anymore, but the stories seem to be getting worse and worse. Last year there were two stabbings, three sexual assaults, three substantial batteries, four strong-armed robberies and the typical reports of property damage. There aren't local bands anymore, and there doesn't seem to be that sense of community with the party. I read that of the 162 people who were arrested last year, only 37 were UW students. This is what happened with Halloween on State St. Out-of-towners didn't care about Madison and screwed things up by busting out storefront windows year after year.

What does this tradition even mean anymore? Is there something wrong with just sticking to house parties if the Block Party is costing the City more and more money every year?

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