What's Waldorf Education & Could You Use It?

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What's Waldorf Education & Could You Use It?

Postby WaldorfInfo » Mon Aug 22, 2011 10:08 pm

In this age of soul-and-mind-deadening testing, media overload for children, developmentally inappropriate pressures on children and alienation from the natural world, Madison has one local school which offers an alternative. It’s the Madison Waldorf School, located on the west side of Madison and now in its fifth year of operation (kindergarten through 6th grade.)

To learn more about the Waldorf philosophy in general, and Madison’s Waldorf school in particular, listen to WORT's “A Public Affair” this Tues, 8/23, at 12pm noon. The show (89.5 FM) will feature three guests from the school who come from different backgrounds and perspectives (teachers, parents, founders and some all three.)

There ARE true educational alternatives in our community - so if you’re interested in learning more about one option with a proven record of success, give a listen and perhaps call in with your questions and comments. Or check out wort-fm.org for an archive of the show if you can’t listen tomorrow. (Archive is available for two weeks after the show.)

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