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new mice city

Postby gozer » Wed Mar 30, 2011 10:34 am

Snake trappers use live mice to bait runaway Bronx Zoo cobra - who now has 118,000 Twitter followers ... shing.html they were using live mice to help find the cobra who staged a democratic uprising of his own; unfortunately trouble awaits them...i have always liked mice and i would hope they would search harder for an alternative -- after all, since the cobra joined twitter, people can probably e-mail him too; he could be interested in getting some help from the arab league or nato to hash out a smooth solution and so on...

i am also a big fan of snakes too, and lots of folks find cobras interesting...since the cobra joined twitter, could management waive the usual age requirement for joining idpf and allow the cobra to join? all this in view of the fact that snakes grow and age on a different time-line, which in most cases is shorter than that of people.

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