Wisconsin's Most Dangerous History Professor

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Wisconsin's Most Dangerous History Professor

Postby Lily » Sat Mar 26, 2011 11:04 pm

Dr. William Cronon is being investigated by Republicans who have now requested a copy of all his University email dating back several months. Why? It has to do with his recent article in the NY Times and his blog "shining a bright light" on what ALEC is about. (American Legislative Exchange Council)
http://scholarcitizen.williamcronon.net ... 3/15/alec/

"ALEC’s efforts to disenfranchise voters likely to vote Democratic, for instance, and its efforts to destroy public-sector unions because they also tend to favor Democrats, strike me as objectionable and anti-democratic (as opposed to anti-Democratic) on their face. As a pragmatic centrist in my own politics, I very strongly favor seeking the public good from both sides of the partisan aisle, and it’s not at all clear to me that recent legislation in Wisconsin or elsewhere can be defended as doing this. Shining a bright light on ALEC’s activities (and on other groups as well, across the political spectrum) thus seems to me a valuable thing to do whether or not one favors its political goals.
This is especially true when politicians at the state and local level promote legislation drafted at the national level that may not actually best serve the interests of their home districts and states. ALEC strategists may think they’re serving the national conservative cause by promoting legislation like the bills recently passed in Wisconsin–but I see my state being ripped apart by the resulting controversies, and it’s hard to believe that Wisconsin is better off as a result. This is not the way citizens or politicians have historically behaved toward each other in this state, and I for one am not happy with the changes in our political culture that seem to be unfolding right now. I’m hoping that many of my fellow Wisconsinites, whether they lean left or right, agree with me that it’s time to take a long hard look at what has been happening and try to find our bearings again.

I have always cherished Wisconsin for its neighborliness, and this is not the way neighbors treat each other.

One conclusion seems clear: what we’ve witnessed in Wisconsin during the opening months of 2011 did not originate in this state, even though we’ve been at the center of the political storm in terms of how it’s being implemented. This is a well-planned and well-coordinated national campaign, and it would be helpful to know a lot more about it.

Let’s get to work, fellow citizens.

William Cronon"

Added note:
Koch Industries is a major contributor to ALEC, as are Wackenhut Corrections, many pharmaceutical companies, telecommunications firms, Wal-Mart, C.G. Koch Charitable foundation, The Heritage Foundation, and more.
Source of above information: http://alecwatch.org/

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Re: Wisconsin's Most Dangerous History Professor

Postby Lily » Sat Mar 26, 2011 11:10 pm

Additional sources of reading:

Dr. Cronon's Blog:

"Wisconsin's Most Dangerous Professor" by Andrew Leonard, Salon
http://www.salon.com/technology/how_the ... index.html

"What's the source of these anti-union measures? Meet ALEC, a right-wing group that writes state laws for Republicans"
http://www.americablog.com/2011/03/what ... union.html


"SourceWatch: American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)"
http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?ti ... ge_Council

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