Ann Coulter not only Con to play "Beat the Widows"

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Do you think American Conservatives are sociopaths?

No, they just hate queers, uppity women, 9/11 widows who ain't mute, veterans seeking benefits, (list to be continued...)
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Ann Coulter not only Con to play "Beat the Widows"

Postby AlphaLiberal » Wed Jun 14, 2006 6:30 pm

Well, the other Coulter threads went a bit off the tracks what with camping recipes and all. And, I wanted to share this excellent blog post demonstrating once and for all time how sociopathic American conservatives really are!

Decent people everywhere are aghast at Ann Coulter ignoring the substance of the 9/11 widows arguments (we should have had a REAL investigation into 9/11 instead of the shameful whitewash we saw) and, instead, attacking them personally.

Well, Ann is not the only CONservative to do this! ANYONE who disagrees with King George will be dragged through the mud by the legions of Republcian attack dogs waiting to silence any and all dissent against the Soviet-style Republican Party.

Conservatives actually hate America! Well, the 80% that's not just like them!

Don't put up someone I am not allowed to respond to without questioning the authenticity of their grief.

--Ann Coulter


U.S. intelligence officials are upset over the possibility that Congress will open its public investigation into the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks with testimony from victims' families.

..."Who's running this investigation, Oprah?" complains one exasperated government official, who spoke on condition that he not be named. "The goal is, 'Let's see who we can get to cry on camera.' The next day they will have witnesses from U.S. intelligence come in to explain why all these people are widows and orphans."...

--USA Today, August 14, 2002

In fact, they found some family members - and I'm going to say this - they found some family members who seemed to have more concern over who the president of this country is than over the sanctity of the loss of their own family members. It is beyond the pale that this could happen. It is beyond the pale, yet people cooperate with it, and so much more has been learned about this since. turns out that a lot of these 9-11 family members are part of a political organization that is funded in part by Teresa Heinz-Kerry! Well, this stuff is incestuous! You know, these people are poisoned. They have literally been poisoned by their hate. They have been poisoned by their rage. It is unbelievable, the depths to which they will sink.

--Rush Limbaugh, March 9, 2004

The 9/11 Widows: Americans are beginning to tire of them.

...A fair number of the Americans not working in the media may, on the other hand, by now be experiencing Jersey Girls Fatigue...

Nor can anyone miss, by now, the darker side of this spectacle of the widows, awash in their sense of victims' entitlement, as they press ahead with ever more strident claims about the way the government failed them. Or how profoundly different all this is from the way in which citizens in other times and places reacted to national tragedy....

--Dorothy Rabinowitz in The Wall Street Journal, April 14, 2004

Yet again, Chris Matthews was interviewing widow/aspiring politician Kristen Breitweiser just now. Why don't they just hire her as an NBC News Consultant? Just pay the girl for her round-the-clock, 3,000-murdered-on-Bush's-watch talk. Matthews actually asked blandly for a response on the great Dorothy Rabinowitz slam today, and Breitweiser actually laughed dismissively (just like an aspiring politician) as she repeated: I know terrorists killed my husband, but Bush failed to save lives, yada yada yada....

--Tim Graham at The Corner, National Review Online, April 14, 2004

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