Smack Down In Cincinnati

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Was the use of force justified?

Hell yes itâ??s every white mans god given right to smack the brothers around!
No, they should have let him go on his drug induced way.
They should have called Jesse Jackson to mediate.
No votes
While the out come was unfortunate the police had no other choice.
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Smack Down In Cincinnati

Postby Cartman69 » Thu Dec 04, 2003 6:14 pm

I�ve watched the full tape of the incident and I am pretty sure (barring any new info) that the police acted accordingly.
People have suggested that the police should have implemented other ââ?¬Å?toolsââ?¬? to subdue the man, but given his size and disposition they were left no other options.
Taking his health issues into account (the drugs, his weight) I think using a taser or pepper spray which they did towards the end of the confrontation could only made things worse, an electrical shock to an already enlarged heart is bad, it could cause cardiac arrhythmia and pepper spay could cause respiratory distress.
It�s a no win situation.
FYI we live in a sad, sad world.

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