Ship of Fools, or, Oregon Plans Bio Warfare Attack On U.S.

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Mike S.
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Ship of Fools, or, Oregon Plans Bio Warfare Attack On U.S.

Postby Mike S. » Fri Jul 22, 2005 2:05 am

Move over, Al Qaida! Give it up, Aum Shinri Kyo! The Legislature of Oregon has voted overwhelmingly in favor of a policy crafted for the sole effect of spreading dangerous new viruses throughout Oregon and the rest of the U.S.

Namely, they intend to run every cold and flu sufferer looking for basic symptomatic relief through doctors' offices, where the colds and flu can spread among the patients, so that multiple strains can quickly recombine, become more dangerous, and infect the population more rapidly.

I wonder if they read the Al-Qaida manual on nosocomial infections or if they just came up with this ingenious idea on behalf of the medical industry?

The idea is supposedly to crack down on methamphetamine manufacturers, except for nagging details like the availability of pseudoephedrine everywhere else but Oregon, the fact that methamphetamine and its precursors are not complicated chemicals and new precursors can readily be adopted (if needed), and the fact that every single time they or another state tries this idiocy they'll set off such a wave of hoarding by the general public that a meth cook could buy enough precursors to build a life sized statue out of methamphetamine and not stand out from the crowd the week before the law goes through. And for what purpose? To (ideally) prevent the illegal production of same kind of drug the shrinks are pushing on 10% or more of their kids to make them sit down and shut up!!!!!!!

It doesn't matter that I personally have a dislike for the stuff (half the recommended dose did work to unclog my ear one time, but the increase in blood pressure that it caused was uncomfortable and very disturbing). The colds and flu that get spread from person to person in Oregon will be everybody's business.

P.S. What I don't understand: do they intend (a) to arrest everyone caught driving into Oregon with some cold medicine in the glove compartment for illegal possession of prescription drugs? or (b) to watch people come in from out of state and wave huge stacks of pseudoephedrine in their faces and not have anything they can do about it?

Beer Moon
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Postby Beer Moon » Fri Jul 22, 2005 7:49 am

Usually the idea is to put a cap on how many packs a person can buy.

Seems reasonable to me.

Also, if you're implying it's effective in treating cold/flu SYMPTOMS, then taking it off the shelf will REDUCE the spread of infectious colds and flus, because the people infected with them will be too sick to leave the house and go spread it around, which many cold and flu drugs are used to do.

Drugs that "treat" cold and flu symptoms are just pacifiers in case you were not aware. They let you be more comfortable while you suffer through the inevitable progress of the infection and eventual triumph of your immune system. There is no known "antidote" for those virii.

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Postby JackClubb » Fri Jul 22, 2005 3:58 pm

We would be smart to be growing our own ephedra for tea and let those drug companies go broke.

Don't know what the recipe for cooking speed is, but the ingredients I've heard must be a joke. Metal shavings, brake fluid, contact pills, ammonia...

This is an interesting debate for a libertarian litmus test.

"Does a neighborhood association have the right to remove a speed lab?"

This will, unfortunately, become a real question all too soon.

Mike S.
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Postby Mike S. » Sun Jul 24, 2005 12:16 am

To clarify: sure, I'm aware that these pills only suppress symptoms. However, if they are made prescription drugs then it puts many more people with infectious diseases through doctor's offices - and since, unfortunately, that particular location brings people together with all manner of infectious and non-infectious diseases at once, it will mean more spreading of viruses to people who are already sick. One outcome is that people can end up infected with two strains at once, which can allow the viruses to "have sex" (sort of) with each other inside the cell and produce baby viruses that look different to the immune system from either parent. Another outcome that happened once is SARS - you mix two relatively ordinary cold viruses and all of a sudden you have a new, deadly disease that seems to depend on them both acting together symbiotically.

Personally, I find it idiotic and offensive that any person with ordinary cold or flu symptoms is required to go into a doctor's office before getting routine treatment. There are some things that can and should be handled remotely, and infectious diseases are way up there on the list. Even if some direct physical examination is required, it would be high time for our society to get halfway intelligent about medicine, and certify some class of low-paid delivery boy capable of doing the couple of quick examinations a physician does when presented with someone with a cold, without having to put him through the entire medical training program. (And what really galls me about the whole process is that after the sick person is dragged out and made to wait, he gets no real medical diagnosis --- despite all the implications for homeland security, there is never any attempt to use obvious PCR tests to determine what strain of virus the person is infected with! If these tests were done, then at least as you got sick you could mark off that you were infected with this strain and that, and you could watch a local news report to see what strains were going around in town and you'd know whether you were immune to them or not. And the samples to do those tests could be picked up by a delivery boy anyway!)

The news stories I saw about the Oregon law said nothing about any over-the-counter sales with a cap of numbers of packages. Yes, I know several states have those, but this isn't like those laws; it literally makes it a prescription drug.

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Postby regnad_kcin » Sun Jul 24, 2005 5:04 pm

Whoa, there, buddy. Type type type, cook cook cook? Type type type!

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Postby Paco » Mon Jul 25, 2005 4:20 am

Don't go to Oregon then. :?

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