Ace Meadowood going out of Business

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Re: Ace Meadowood going out of Business

Postby Igor » Sat Dec 07, 2013 4:23 pm

gozer wrote:
Mad Howler wrote:
Igor wrote:
It's cool how everybody here, on all sides, knows more than the owners. Personally, I think that Home Depot has stolen my business more from Menards. My business at Ace is probably the same.

Changing over to renters DOES have an impact. Chances are that the landlord does not live nearby. They are either bringing materials from Menards, or are hiring a contractor who does. I'm sure Walgreens is vulturing some sales for batteries, light bulbs, and whatnot as well.

That mall is the only place in Madison that I have been panhandled other than State Street. A co-worker's son was mugged walking home from his job there. I'm sure there are other areas of town that have more issues, but that doesn't discount the issues that are here.

Well put, but I don't think I have second guessed the owners decision to cut loose. Although, my experience over the last 5 years suggests that this was not a rash decision. It always sucks when places like these exit a community. It really does, and the lingering effects keep burrowing deeper.

it started 25 years ago with the sentry grocery store pulling up stakes -- chicken & the egg

Yeah, that didn't help. But I don't think a grocery store that size was destined to survive there. A grocery store that occupied the whole mall might have been able to make it.

It seems like a grocery store has to be able to compete on either price, quality, or location. Woodman's (and previously Cub) probably ensured that they were not going to compete on price. I don't think a high-quality (and price) place would have been of much use to the lower-income people nearby. Finally, the location just isn't far enough away from other locations to force traffic there.

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Re: Ace Meadowood going out of Business

Postby sylvie » Wed Dec 11, 2013 12:07 am

There was a Sentry store there in the 80's. Prices were somewhat higher and the store never seemed very busy.

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Re: Ace Meadowood going out of Business

Postby gozer » Fri Dec 13, 2013 3:44 pm

the sentry store, i believe, was an original tenant of the mall, which is almost old as the neighbourhood itself.

there was a chemist's shop there that up until the end when they got a nazi racist chemist in there did a brisk schedule v business and i much preferred it to the national chains; it almost reminded me of the corner apothekes back home, mutatis mutandis. several of us in the neighbourhood wanted to get some dough together and buy them out circa or about 2000. i had anticipated the current compounding and reclaiming forgotten information trend in the u s by more than a decade.

then there was the hardware dealer as mentioned. i know less about that since i would need a new spanner maybe once ever decade or more.

transportation and neighbourhood cohesion are cited as two reasons such businesses could not survive. i do not necessarily agree with that, or at a bare minimum, the pendulum is swinging back. i am sure that public transit utilisation here is much higher than it was in 1989, so there are manifestly many more people within walking distance without cars.

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