Goodman Pool to Madison Families: DROP DEAD

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Re: Goodman Pool to Madison Families: DROP DEAD

Postby eriedasch » Mon Aug 30, 2010 2:37 pm

green union terrace chair wrote:This is just wrong. Someone who has paid for an annual pass is not a second-class citizen behind daily admission payers. If an organization isn't charging enough for annual passes to be compensated for the average use of those users, then they need to reassess the price of the annual pass, not punish those who've bought them.

I have never been to the Goodman pool but this is what bothers me about the whole issue. I cannot imagine anyone in their right mind buying a season pass to something that "may or may not" be open depending on how many people show up on any given day. Or even bothering to show up to the pool period if when they go there it is shut down because of the lack of people, yet conditions may be fine for swimming.

Also, I understand there needing to be 12 or however many lifeguards and other workers on duty when the pool is at full capacity. But why can't the management send some of them home when it is not as busy? Have a list of workers willing to come back to work if more people arrive later in the day. Seems like this is common practice and really the only way any other business can survive with fluctuating customer turnout.

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