La Fete de Marquette

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Re: La Fete de Marquette

Postby KidCapitol » Mon Jul 19, 2010 5:51 am

rabble wrote:
Marvell wrote:
rabble wrote:My only complaint is that the Atwood fest dropped the pet parade. That was a high point. Watching a child pull her goldfish in a bowl in her little red wagon down the street next to a hippie with his python wrapped around his neck, now that's entertainment.

What rabble isn't telling you is that, five minutes later, the python ate the child and the hippie ate the goldfish.

That's why they dropped the parade.

But man, it was truly entertaining. Especially since they managed to pull the child out of the python before she got halfway in, which was what distracted everyone and gave the hippie the opportunity to snarf up the kid's carp.

Bummer. You had to spoil what would have been a happy ending. The kid being swalloed by the python.

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