Bare feet in schools?

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Re: Bare feet in schools?

Postby Average Joe » Fri Oct 09, 2009 11:12 pm

Anyone who thinks it's acceptable to allow students to walk around in school without shoes is a dumb-ass.

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Re: Bare feet in schools?

Postby tarnishdknight » Sun Apr 18, 2010 3:36 pm

I have to admit this topic seems to have hit a few nerves, but I think we can all agree that common sense - even from teenagers - is the best route. While many teens are more concerned about whats going on around them than where they are putting their feet, I also feel that the school should not be over-the-top enforcers of every little infraction. I believe that the school, in their duty to watch out for the students' best interests absolutely have the authority to control - to a point- what the students and teachers wear or dont wear. However I also believe that there should be a level of acceptance of what students choose as fashion or expression. Both of these two ideas seem to be clearly embraced and anticipated in the quotes from the handbooks in earlier posts, as they seem to allow student choice so long as there is no safety hazard or disruption of class. The interpretation of this of course can be taken both ways with arguments as have been made above. Unfortunately, what I seem to see in most of these posts is a lot of bickering and name calling, some semi-scientific information, and little attempt at debate. Has anyone ever heard of "all things in moderation"? I walk around barefoot quite alot. Even to the store and around town sometimes - if the weather is nice. I also wear shoes when its cold, when I want to protect my feet for hazardous tasks or where I might not be paying attention to where im stepping. I my High School there was a dress code, but it was only enforced when someone inevitably wore a 'Big Pecker's' ( a bar ) t-shirt or pants that had holes that showed your underwear. Shoes were worn by most students, butsometimes many - including me- would slipp off the shoes during studyhall or during class or even for the day when it was warm. There was one guy would often go barefoot, but then he would also crack jokes and write his papers in crayon, too, so he was often the center of attention. However noone really made too big a fuss. The kids always wore shoes in shop class and usually gym class too. I dont see a problem unless one is made by others. I DO think,,,on another note, that the students could fight the punishment if the teachers or security guards were OVERLY hostile. It should not be treated as an issue that would require drastic measures rather than simple counseling

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Re: Bare feet in schools?

Postby thebookpolice » Fri May 14, 2010 1:36 pm

Loath as I am to resurrect this thread, I thought the advance of Barefoot Runner shoes--a wearer of which I spied at the Alliant Energy Center Compost Bin sale a few weekends ago--merited a new post here.

"For me it was very humbling, because it was my body, nothing else. My body telling me this is where you're supposed to land and this is how it's gonna go," said Cruz. "So when you finish it, there was no saying that shoe was great. It was like, 'I did awesome.'"

The bottom line from both those who've run barefoot and the sports medicine experts is that if you're going to try barefoot running, you have to do it slowly. Walk around your house barefoot regularly or wear the Barefoot Runners out for a walk. It could take up to six weeks before you could comfortably run a mile, but doctors say there is no proof that barefoot running prevents injuries.

Clinics have anecdotally said they're seeing injuries from people running barefoot, and most of it is from people doing too much, too fast, or simply not being in good enough shape to even try barefoot running. Sports medicine experts said there is a lot more research to be done to explore the effects.

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