Madison's East Side on GoogleEarth

What are the things that puzzle, enrage, delight and tickle you as you go about your life in Madison?
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Postby skrattypants » Thu May 17, 2007 9:07 am

queen, you are far more fascinating than any human being has a right to be.

and here i spend my spare time scooping doomafloggies out of the litter box...

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Postby snoqueen » Thu May 17, 2007 11:52 am

comte buffon wrote:
Bwis53 wrote:... Photos of buildings and neighborhoods, altered in such a way, that you could get a preview of what a full restoration of historic sites, and positive infill would look like!

This reminds me of a project, I thought about: Sand castles. Train models. Legos.

Since people are curious...

If you install the requisite software (Google Sketchup, free download for slightly-crippled but usable version of a professional modeling program), you can download my other Madison WI model from the 3-D warehouse (linked in my earlier posting) and view a new building I designed for the Few/E. Wash corner of the block. It meets BUILD standards (four stories in that location) and is a live-work structure with green roof technology. Is it positive infill? Is it too big? That's what the model is supposed to help people decide.

If you don't want to do all that work you can still look at the new building's thumbnail preview, which is the second item on the page you get when you search on Madison WI as described previously. The imaginary new building is visible in scale beyond the houses at the corner of Baldwin and Mifflin.

If you have installed Google Sketchup, you should be able to geolocate the model yourself on your own computer and check it out. The Google Earth public modeling project is limited to existing buildings, but it allows individuals to add whatever they like to their own pages.

To answer a question: I picked that block because I thought everybody would recognize it, I knew people in the area were interested and capable, and I used to live a few blocks away. I sat on a number of development committees in the last couple years, I know the proposals we've seen, and I know the kind of potential changes (not necessarily bad, either) the whole area faces. We need help in visualizing -- the city does, the neighborhood does, and any possible developer does too. 2-D renderings won't do it any more.

(I don't mean to be a walking ad for these programs, but they're just so cool. Is this powerful technology or what?)

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Postby Bwis53 » Thu May 17, 2007 12:08 pm

Considering Lego makes all those castles, I oughtta pitch'em to make some fun retro stuff.

So I gotta install sketcher, hmmm.

Just before I moved back from Chicago, three years ago, one of the local TV stations ran a virtual tour of the Loop, that made me feel like the Bruce Willis character,Cab Driver, in Fifth Element. It made you feel like a bird flying around the Loop. Is this what I'll see?

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