Prairie Burning fees up 100% !?

What are the things that puzzle, enrage, delight and tickle you as you go about your life in Madison?
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Postby jjoyce » Thu Apr 26, 2007 1:09 pm

$100 buys you the right to never have to mow, right?

I'd say you're easily millions of dollars ahead.

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Postby Paco » Thu Apr 26, 2007 6:53 pm

good point. I filled up my gas can yesterday and mowed between storms...cost $7.

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Postby Ted » Sat Apr 28, 2007 10:56 am

Well, yesterday in the mail the fire dept. sent me an application to file an application for the $100 permit. NO TYPO. An application to file an application! It is so incredibly complicated! Anyway, we surrender; out comes the prairie plot!

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