Quitting Smoking

What are the things that puzzle, enrage, delight and tickle you as you go about your life in Madison?

Is it really worth it to quit smoking?

Poll ended at Sat Jul 23, 2005 2:42 pm

Yes, think of your long term health.
No, satisfy your current craving. Live for today.
Just change what you smoke!
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Postby Digger » Tue Aug 09, 2005 4:11 pm

Marge wrote:
Mike S. wrote:
citizen wrote:I've suggested this to several people who wanted to quit and it really works. It's amazing how addictive the non-tobacco crap in most cigarettes is. Success as an occasional smoker is much easier with pouch tobacco and Spirits.

It is my suspicion - could use some feedback - that the people standing outside buildings in the cold soon become addicted to this aspect of their behavior as well, and that one reason why such bans have been tolerated is that they become conditioned not to resent it.

Ummm, this just makes no sense. See, the "other stuff" in cigarettes are chemicals designed to enhance the effect of nicotine that are inhaled and affect the nervous system.
Frankly I have never heard of a person becoming addicted to "Standing outside."

There is some truth to the statement. One of the things I miss most is going outside to have a smoke. It gives you a reason to take a break and go outside. My wife misses it too. She quit with me and she misses the trips outside with coworkers. I hid my smoking from work, since I have a rather public position (no I won�t tell).

I think there are many reasons people want to continue smoking. Hopefully recent deaths in the news will help me continue my personal battle with Camel.

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Postby JackClubb » Tue Aug 09, 2005 5:44 pm


The essential starting point is that you really have to want to quit. Not because you intellectualy know it's right, but because you really do own yourself. There will be pain. That is labor pain. It's a new you being born. It's very empowering to beat that demon.

May I recommend the UW Health's 'Smoking Cessation Clinic" in the 1900 Monroe St? My partner and I both quit there in 2001. She was at 2.5 packs a day on a 25-year habit and I was at 3 packs a day on a thirty-year habit.

Both our fathers, crusty old vets beloved in their villages, had died of cancer that year. The clinic gave us the full range of options. We used the patch. Zyban has a sleep disorder side effect and we're sometimes on call for driving into stressful situations.

Years later, we have not touched tobacco. 16 months of that passed while we had no contact at all between us. We were both able to maintain as individuals. Anyone can do it. You don't need a 12-step program or immersion in a theraputic swamp. Get on your feet and create every day.

As a chain-smoker, I refused to let Ira (sorry man...) in my cab and left him stranded on crutches. After I had quit tobacco, I let Mr Blues smoke in my Badger Cab, about two dozen times. That required air freshner and disinfectant after he exited. If I still drove a Badger Cab, I wouldn't let him smoke now. I really, really, don't want a ciggie. That was just me being a tip whore. My level of respect for him has not wavered since we met. Now it's a public debate on a point of principle. My programming does not allow compromise within that context.

Much of the addiction factor of commercial cigarettes is the synergistic effects of the unlisted additives and the enhancements by the companies to keep smokers under the thumb.

We are in a period of social correction that will require the roll-back of special privilages for the tobacco cartels. That isn't our concern here, exactly. Hordes of addicts who aren't even clear how they are hooked, will be a pain in the butt for some time. It's like trying to debate the zombies from a George Romero movie. Brush past those weak-ass junkies and live in the future.

Do you want to quit yet?


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Postby Billy Shears » Tue Aug 09, 2005 5:57 pm

JackClubb wrote:May I recommend the UW Health's 'Smoking Cessation Clinic" in the 1900 Monroe St?

I'll second that. In fact I'm pretty sure they're still taking applicants for their Cessation Study. If you can spare the time during the week to go in for several tests and a counseling session once a week, then every two weeks, then once a month, etc, for three years, they'll pay you a paltry sum to use one or two quit-smoking aids of their choice.

I researched it and figure I'm taking about ten bucks worth of that stuff a day for free. Plus a few bucks for coming in, and the money I'm not spending on smokes.

And I repeat the advice to switch to American Spirit. From what friends and the counselor are telling me, that's made it a lot easier. When you quit AS, it's only the habit and the nicotine you're quitting, not the additives. I'm into week 3 and it's not half as bad as I thought.

Of course, they ARE breathalyzing me every time I go in so I can't cheat. That helps. :-)

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Postby boone » Wed Aug 10, 2005 1:22 am

Once back when I was going to school, I was sent down to do pre-op nurse exams on 12 folks scheduled for surgery that morning. While filling out the survey, I learned that 10 out of the 12 were former smokers. Each of the ex-smokers quit cold turkey, unfortunately it was after something terrible had happened physically and required surgery. I can still picture the guy that had a heart attack and his description of what it was like (an elephant was sitting on my chest.) I encourage you to quit and good Luck if you do so.

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Re: Quitting Smoking

Postby ivanmarsh » Wed Aug 10, 2005 2:23 pm

Beer Moon wrote:
ivanmarsh wrote:
Digger wrote:Quitting Smoking sucks. It has been one week and I am going insane.

In the spirit of the recent smoking ban I have decided to stop smoking. Does anyone have any tips on how to ease the NEED TO SMOKE I am feeling?

The spirit of the smoking ban is hypocrisy... second-hand smoke is NOT a significant health risk (go check the CDC).

You can have my smokes when you pry them from my cold dead hand... and yes, I do realize the irony in that statement.

So CarolASThompson finally has a protoge? In post #1 we have hyperbole, delusion, hypocrisy, and irony (although not the irony he points out). Brilliant!! So ivan, what part of Montana are you from and what's your favorite type of explosive?

Did you check the CDC's statistics on second-hand smoke? I'm guessing you didn't.

Let me do the work for you:

"Second-hand smoke is estimated to contribute to 38,000 deaths in the U.S. per year, 35,000 from heart disease, 3,000 from cancer."

Asprin KILLS 14,000 people dead in their tracks in the U.S. every year.

So... banning smoking in bars, where they sell alcohol and fatty food (two major factors when it comes to heart disease), is pure hypocrisy.

Before you attempt to be an arrogant, funny, asshole you should probably figure out what you're really talking about.

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Quitting Smoking

Postby Lily » Fri Aug 26, 2005 8:54 pm

Digger, I used to smoke about a pack a week too but haven't smoked a single cigarette in over 5 years. BUT it wasn't easy and it took several attempts. Don't beat yourself up if you slip one night. There's nothing more tempting than being out with some friends tipping a few.... then someone lights up... then they offer you one... okay this was obviously before the smoking ban, but understand smoking is a part of the bar/socialization scene. And heck I liked smoking and drinking with friends. But I finally committed to a quit date and stuck with it. My first step was to switch from menthol to non-menthol. I tried the low-tar cigs but found those sorely unsatisfying and ended up smoking more. I didn't use chewing tobacco, or nicotine gum but I did develop a short-lived (and i'm sure annoying) habit of chewing straws.

I wish you luck.

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