state legislature and the signer of their excrement even dumber than i thought . . .

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state legislature and the signer of their excrement even dumber than i thought . . .

Postby gozer » Wed Mar 22, 2017 4:14 pm ... sis-228777

wisconsin's database becomes compulsory for physicians and apothecaries to use on 1. april but is mainly intended for dumb flatfoots and corrupt bureaucrats who want to practise medicine and/or pharmacy without having gone to medical and/or pharmacy school -- of course, if u have doctors willing to aggressively defend their prerogatives and patients' rights and decades of meticulous c y a documentation from a number of folks and have been doing what the database has been trying to compel and more ab initio, u should be fine . . . of course being able to leave the country and not come back if they start sweating your main croaker too hard is peace of mind -- but not everyone can turn on a dime to do that . . .

though it could be worse: ... commenting

and i tell u that morphine in not "toxic" in the way mentioned in the second article -- i know of people who were on the stuff since before the harrison narcotics act 1914 who survived into the xxi. century . . . the only other medicaments i can think of with large numbers of 50 year and longer use careers would be codeine, whole opium, and dilaudid, which is practically the same thing; some others have not even been on the market long enough . . . one or more of the founders of johns hopkins and some of the big time people at pitié-salpêtrière and the pasteur institute were on it for years and years too . . . all of the above were used for diabetes into the 1960s and anaemia as well . . .

and let' us turn to the unsupervised users and outright abusers for a moment, the ones who will make up a some fraction of the butcher's bill for this crusade but nowhere near what the crusaders hope or promise . . . the crusaders shouldn't patronise the public by saying they care about these people -- they are pissed off that they have a shortcut to euphoria (just like any other case -- any wonder why drugs are often mentioned in the same breath as sex and rock & roll?) and know the dirty little secret that for evolutionary and endocrine reasons complete abstinence from intoxicants and euphoriants is not the natural, optimal state for the human animal. hell, the body makes its own morphine, codeine, hydromorphone, and possibly levorphanol -- morphine is a freaking *neurotransmitter* then for god's sake . . . but then how many people are really using it by itself in the same manner as sniffing glue? not many, most of it is self-medication of various types . . .

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