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Re: Viva Freedom From Religion Foundation!

Postby manoletters » Mon Mar 31, 2014 5:42 pm

Gregory_the_Great wrote:

Haha, while this might be emotionally satisfying, I think there are better arguments against the Catholic Church than suggesting they should have used the "religious death penalty" against more people across history.

You're right of course. The Vatican's outright collaboration with the Nazis, including the Nazi puppet regimes led by Catholic clerics in Slovakia and Croatia during WWII, provide a far better argument. The Catholic Church is historically, a very unsavory, even criminal organization. And ever since the Pervert Priest scandal broke (BIG TIME) in 2002, the depth of its nastiness.... has become transparently obvious to all those not in complete denial. There's simply no Hope, even with the new Brazilian Pope.

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