Madison Onion to cease publishing July 25th

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Re: Madison Onion to cease publishing July 25th

Postby Henry Vilas » Tue Jul 16, 2013 5:03 pm

I agree, fewer advertisers means smaller paper. It isn't just Isthmus. Paper and ink publications are dropping like flies.

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Re: Madison Onion to cease publishing July 25th

Postby Broadsheet » Wed Jul 17, 2013 11:48 am

Isthmus remains Isthmus in all the essentials, especially the guysy reporting, arts criticism, and the Guide. And there is more loaded online. But there's no denying that it is a skinnier print product (also with downsized pages and smaller type) than those of yesteryear. Alas.

I personally think that a factor in Cap News canceling the Onion contract was to eliminate competition with its own 77 Square free tabloid. However, if it was actually losing money that was all it took.

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Re: Madison Onion to cease publishing July 25th

Postby talagaster » Wed Jul 17, 2013 12:19 pm

The Onion, while read by Madison residents of all ages, always seemed to be targeted at the campus community. For myself, the AV Club was a gateway drug into the local arts scene. Was the sales force at Cap Newspapers the best to target an 18-24 demographic? The ads always seemed to be the same legacy advertisers as before the switchover, the long-running property management companies, liquor stores, pizza, music venues. They didn't seem to be getting any new advertisers. Was Bennett's still advertising? If Uncle Gene gave up, you could tell it was time to pack up.

It also seemed clear Onion national didn't care about the paper edition anymore, it had definitely turned into a secondary revenue stream for them. Every single story was featured online first. Why pick up a paper on Thursday if you are just going to see an article your friend posted on Facebook on Monday? Real newspapers have this issue too but they usually aren't putting stories online days before they get published in the paper.

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