RwP: Interview with Emily Mills Regarding the John Doe Invst

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RwP: Interview with Emily Mills Regarding the John Doe Invst

Postby Schabow » Wed Dec 12, 2012 2:21 pm

Wow...the last post got a bit heated, with a lot of different views here on the forum. But this week, I'm going basic. I'm going NPR on your ass!!

This week on Rants Without Pants, Dane101 Editor and good friend Emily Mills, joins us via Skype to discuss the John Doe Investigation and it’s timeline. There is also a new Mastercard commercial aimed at Republicans and a stop-animation short about Scott Walker called “Betrayal, Vengence and Puppets”.

Emily has some really interesting stories and insight on the John Doe investigation!

Here it is on Blogging Blue... ... ion-short/

Here it is on my blog, Shabhead... ... mills.html

Here it is straight from youtube...

00:00 – 10:45 Interview with Dane101 Editor Emily Mills

10:45 – 11:48 Outdated Mastercard Commercial

11:48 – End Betrayal, Vengence and Puppets (A Stop-Animation Short About the Walker Administration)

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