RwP: Last of Panel Discussion "The Polarization in America"

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RwP: Last of Panel Discussion "The Polarization in America"

Postby Schabow » Mon Nov 05, 2012 11:26 am

OK, so this is the last political post for awhile. I just wanted to post this last Part 4 panel discussion.

To me, this is most interesting of the topics and discussions that this Rants Without Pants panel debated. I want to thank how great this panel was. Everyone had their own unique points which led to a very healthy debate.

This panel consisted of Stacy Harbaugh (Communications Director for the American Civil Liberties Union of WI), Dusty Weis (Former CBS Reporter for WTDY and WIOD), BJ Buss (Compassionate Conservative) and Michael Grover Bartnik (Non-Ideological Guy in Hat). This is the final/Part 4 epic discussion of the polarization in America.

Straight from YouTube

Straight from My Blog ... art-4.html

Straight from Blogging Blue ... f-america/

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