H.R. 4271 Violence against Women Reauthorization

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H.R. 4271 Violence against Women Reauthorization

Postby socialworkstudent » Tue Jul 17, 2012 7:33 pm

As a graduate social work student this letter is being written to raise awareness for the reauthorization act to the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) of 1994. There is a bipartisan bill H.R. 4271 and it is currently at the committee level. The sponsor of this bill is Gwen Moore from Milwaukee Wisconsin. This bill is very important to the growth of society because it protects all populations. H.R. 4271 includes a protection of battered immigrants and safety for Indian women clause. These populations are being added to H.R. 4271 because of the vulnerability that they face. Battered LGBT, Indian women, and immigrants often have nowhere to go for help. The protections would help these populations find services to protect them. H.R. 4271 also includes provisions for stalking, cyber stalking, grants to end violent crimes on campuses, education, and prevention about violent crimes on campuses. The violence involving women and children is continuing, and this bill protects the vulnerable populations. It will give outreach centers the funding needed to help women, children, and others in abuse situations. This bill has also defined youth being any individual from 11-24 years old. This extends the support to individuals on campuses experiencing violence and younger adults that need help. With a large campus population this bill would protect our communities. With society changing the H.R. 4271 is adapting to the needs of society. With your help we can “Break the Silence, Break the Violence”.

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