Sly (Re: police search homes of two more politicos)

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A private e-mail account on a state computer...

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Should be subject to fewer restrictions than a broadcast talk show
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Sly (Re: police search homes of two more politicos)

Postby Mike S. » Wed Jul 14, 2004 5:23 pm

I feel a bit guilty about my last posting in reference to "Sly In The Morning". I haven't lambasted him nearly hard enough.

In this morning's show, "Sly In The Morning" (AM 1670, UPN 14) complained about how inappropriate it is for a state employee (an aide in a state representative's office) to use his personal e-mail account to send an offensive cartoon (a politician, who Sly emphasized is Jewish, with a swastika drawn on his face) to a "co-conspirator" in the ongoing stalking-by-political-cartoons case. He went on and on about how there's no room for this kind of infantile behavior in Madison.

He ALSO gave out the state representative's number at least twice, encouraged people to call and tell her to fire the aide in question, and called one of the conspirators a "horse's ass" and an "asshole" saying he'd met him and that's what he thought.

Now, in cloud-cuckoo-fantasy-land, an American is innocent until proven guilty. Before 9/11, he was probably at least 50% innocent until he was arrested, indicted, charged, or arraigned. Now so far as I know the aide in question has NOT been served with anything but a search warrant --- and here we have Sly using his bully pulpit to try to get the guy fired because he not-yet-allegedly misused his personal e-mail account.

Now, AM 1670 is a state-issued radio license, isn't it? Sly gets to talk over the radio while an aide in a representative's office has to plug in to a wall socket because Sly has access to a special commercial license while the aide has the legacy of a system where very little electromagnetic frequency is left over for individual people to talk to each other. But here's the thing - Sly claims to have "impeccable free speech credentials" because he'll argue for Howard Stern's right to use any word in the dictionary on the air even when there's an FCC regulation against it, while he is telling us that this aide shouldn't be allowed to send a private e-mail from his personal account that violates "good taste" even though there's no specific regulation about drawing a swastika on a picture of a public official's face even if he IS Jewish. And to put in his own two cents he tries his own hand at targeted harassment.

So I ask you --- should a state employee be subject to a harsher standard for his private e-mail account than a government-licensed talk show host is subject to for his broadcast program?

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