79th Assembly Run by a Green Democrat

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Bob Menamin
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79th Assembly Run by a Green Democrat

Postby Bob Menamin » Thu Apr 01, 2004 2:15 pm

I am considering a run for the 79th Assembly District as someone from the Green wing of the WI Democratic Party. I am very disappointed with the lack of leadership for campaign finance reform. This is the issue that overrides all others. Most incumbents in both parties do not support reform because it is not in their interest. I would also support Instant Runoff Voting which would encourage 3rd party and independent candidates who are sorely needed. Equitable taxation with more contributions from corporations is also important. Middle class & poor taxpayers are carrying too much of the burden. I believe in fiscal responsibility which is lacking in both parties. I would begin by reforming the corrections Budget. I have reform credentials which includes The Mental Health System in Milwaukee in 1971. More recently, in 2000 I ran as an Independent(endorsed by the WI Green Party) for the 79th Assembly Seat. I was the initial contact to Dee Hall the reporter who broke the "caucus scandal". People have chronically complained about poor elective choices. I am offering one in the 79th. I am soliciting comments both pro & con regarding the potential to launch a campaign. I welcome strategic suggestions. Fighting Bob Menamin, 109 Jenna Drive, Verona, WI 53593. (608) 845-5933

gnarly buttons
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Postby gnarly buttons » Thu Apr 01, 2004 2:45 pm

Don't do it as a Green Party candidate.
If you must run, run as a Green-friendly Dem.
Or better yet, a Green Republican.

I am speaking as someone who was a Nader supporter, and a Sondy Pope-Roberts supporter.
She worked her ass off to just narowly beat that dumbfuck Republican Skindrud.
So now the Republicans are very keen on going after her this coming election.
So what you would effectively be doing by running as a Green would be to help cut enough liberal votes away from Sondy so that whatever Republican they dredge up (I think its some retired Air Force guy) gets elected.
Not exactly helpful. That will really get us on the road to campagin finance reform -- not!

Not that I'm against third parties. I certainly am not. But I firmly believe in picking and choosing the right disctrict in which to run. Having Greens run in swing races so that the balance goes Republican only ends up hurting our cause in the end.

As for the issue of campaign reform (which by the way, Sondy is very supportive of) it is currently an issue between the majority leaders (Republican) and our Democratic Governor. It ain't Sondy's to call.
I have a great suggestion. call Sondy, and tell her that you will run against her as a Green unless she comes out strongly on campaign finance. I think it would work. Work with her on it.
Moreover, it would save you both a hell of a lot of time this summer.

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Postby Suoiragerg » Fri Apr 02, 2004 8:48 am

It is wonderful to see another Dane County green launching a campaign based upon the strong environmental position this pary was founded upon.

I absolutely agree that the DNR needs some major reorganization to seperate the environmental protection activity from the hunting, fishing, tourism stuff. That shared revenue should be available for local communities that work to reduce sprawl. That the Ice Age trail recieves enough funding to be completed.

It would be wonderful to support a Green Party candidate because they put the environment first. Don't they?

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Postby hotshot » Fri Apr 02, 2004 9:12 am

How about get elected as a Green-friendly Dem and then switch for the next election. It recognizes the difficulty of third parties getting elected, but also the need to eventually get beyond the duopoly.

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Postby Dodge » Fri Apr 02, 2004 3:16 pm

gnarly buttons wrote:Not that I'm against third parties. I certainly am not. But I firmly believe in picking and choosing the right disctrict in which to run. Having Greens run in swing races so that the balance goes Republican only ends up hurting our cause in the end.

Dodge half agrees. If Sondy was Hanson, or Kreuser, Dodge would say - go for it. But she's not. And this is not a good race for the Greens this year. There are plenty of other Dems and GOPpers to challenge, and we have limited resources. Let's pick our races more carefully then this.

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