Expert on P ing coming to Madison

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Should the City of Madison pass an ordinance that will limit the use of fertilizers containing phosphorous?

No, P happens.
Yes, We can have green lawns with out green lakes.
Total votes: 22

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Postby blip » Wed Oct 08, 2003 10:30 am

I'll sum the program up for you:

Phosphorus bad.
Clean lakes good.

I see Kathleen and Mayor Dave were all over the papers on that one.
Not like they were burining a lot of political capital on the issue.
Sort of like being for blue skies and sunshine.

However, the one issue that wasn't addressed is what will be the net result of banning phosphorus here. When do we see real results?
My advice: don't hold your breathe.

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Postby Chuck_Schick » Wed Oct 08, 2003 10:35 am

blip wrote:My advice: don't hold your breathe.

I won't. But I'm still going to hold my P.

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Postby Learned » Wed Oct 08, 2003 10:41 am

Ned Flanders wrote:
beyonce knows wrote:
Shifty wrote:And you are an overpaid, out of town, knobbist?

"overpaid" would imply that Ned has a job and we all know that he doesn't, unless if by job you mean making his own bed and dusting the living room every Friday.

Well, well. I see I have a little brainless shadow. Welcome Corky! :P

And Ned's fully employed. And unlike you Ned doesn't have to ask folks if they'd like to "super size that!?" as part of said job.

Been promoted to McManager? Well done. Now I'll know who to sue when my supersized ass starts litigatin' against those fast food restaurants.

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Postby Green » Thu Jan 22, 2004 9:05 am

The City version of the phosphorous phase out ordinance will be before the City Council on February 3, 2004. Come on down and speak your mind or at least register in support. (If you support it that is, if you don't support it than please disregard this message.)

And remember, fish need good housing too. :wink:

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