Did your alder sign the oath supplement on the amendment?

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Postby Transfer » Wed May 02, 2007 10:19 am

political genius wrote:
Transfer wrote:He spent more time on the grassroots level fighting against the amendment than any single person on city council. I guess the real question is: are you an idiot or just a hack?

wait! wait! is it too late for me to vote? i say both. he's young, so maybe he'll grow out of what is hopefully a phase. or maybe he'll just grow some.

on the other hand, i know i can't be the only one who found brandon's statement genuine. sure, he likes press, but on that day he could've picked any number of other things to take credit for. and he chose to show he has a heart. i assume he promptly put it back away the next day. but i can appreciate that.

Hey, so, you voted "yes" right? Or, did you sleep 18 minutes on election day so you could actually mobilize people out to the polls?

You didn't, so maybe you could have grown a pair and done more work if you care so much. Symbolism after the fact is pathetic.

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